четвртак, 31. јануар 2013.

Bury your past and move on fast!

It was nice sunny day!I spent my whole day walking around,drinking coffee with my friends and later I had lunch with my mother and sister.I really love this kind of weather where I don't have to wear a ton of clothes just to keep myself warm.In this post I'll show you my new leather jacket.I wore it with my wedge sneakers and jeans.I also put my scull scarf which I adore!What do you think about this outfit?Do you like it?

Bio je to prelijep sunčan dan!Provela sam ga šetajući,ispijajući kafe sa prijateljima i kasnije sam išla na ručak sa mamom i sestrom.Volim ovakvo vrijeme gdje ne moram obući tonu odjeće samo da bi mi bilo toplo.U ovom post ću vam pokazati moju novu kožnu jaknu.Nosila sam je sa patikama sa skrivenom petom i farmericama.Takođe sam stavila svoju ešarpu sa printom lobanja koju obožavam!Šta mislite o ovom outfitu?Da li vam se sviđa?

sunglasses(naočale)-Ray Ban
necklaces(ogrlice),t-shirt(majica)-New Yorker

                                                          Till next time XO XO

недеља, 27. јануар 2013.

I'm afraid of nothing except being bored!

When you don't have time to think about your outfit or you're just don't feel creative that day go with simple and basic look and you can't make mistake!Here's my yesterday outfit:

Hope you'll like it;)XO XO

среда, 23. јануар 2013.

He offered her the world she said she had her own!

I am a huge fan of neon colours so in this post I'll show you my new neon yellow sweater.I think it goes great with black and white mix.What do you think?

Hope you like it;)XO

субота, 19. јануар 2013.

Learn from yesterday,live for today,hope for tomorrow!

Sun is shining and I'm officially in love with my wedge sneakers!Best shoes ever made!I adore them;)So it's really hard to make  an interesting outfit during winter so I tried to put some brightness in this one wearing my favourite colourful scarf and it gave this outfit that touch that I needed from it;)I'll also show you my favourite clutch that I wear offten,it's just enough size to put everything that I carry with myself in it,even my camera;)I had a great day and later I'm going to the cinema with my friends.More about that in my next post;)Here are photos from today:

Till next time XO XO