уторак, 18. децембар 2012.

A tiger doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep!;)

It's cold!It's wet!It's slushy!It's winter and I have to accept it!So today I just put some comfy and worm outfit cause I had some walking to do;)I didn't plan to take photos at all but since me and my bff Milica had some break time during work we made some pictures and had fun;)I kept my promis and went to my dentist today and after that my sister and I visited our favourite cafe where we made some pics also;)Although the weather was disaster it didn't affect my good mood;)

snow,snow,snow go away,gooooooo:))))

my BFF Milica


Christmas tree at my work

My beautiful sister!Look at that eyes!;)


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  1. Sestra ti ima prelijepe oci

  2. Tigar je cool al ja volim lavove :-D